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TOPIC / TOOL | 5 March 2021
Learn more on EU policies relevant to the bioeconomy: key strategies, legislations and financing instruments in one place!
TOPIC / TOOL | 22 February 2021
AI as a general-purpose technology can rapidly spread across industry sectors and yield strong positive growth effects.
TOPIC / TOOL | 19 February 2021
The notion of food quality rests on a complex and multi-dimensional concept which is influenced by a wide range of situational and contextual factors.
TOPIC / TOOL | 8 February 2021
Discover how the bio-based sectors contribute to the economy of the EU and its Member States!
TOPIC / TOOL | 4 February 2021
In this section of the Health Promotion Knowledge Gateway you will find topics related to societal impacts of non-communicable diseases and its dietary and physical activity-related determinants
TOPIC / TOOL | 3 February 2021
Food-Based Dietary Guidelines have been described as science-based recommendations in the form of guidelines for healthy eating