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TOPIC / TOOL | 11 June 2021
Developing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of researchers and policymaker to better connect scientific knowledge and policymaking, worldwide
TOPIC / TOOL | 9 June 2021
Strengthening and connecting science for policy ecosystems across the European Union and within its Member States (MS)
TOPIC / TOOL | 3 June 2021
Studying how issues of demography have an impact on EU societies, also at the global level.
TOPIC / TOOL | 30 May 2021
Innovative data refers to new forms of data generated from non-traditional sources, such as internet, Mobile Network Operators, social media platforms. They can offer...
TOPIC / TOOL | 7 May 2021
This section includes topics related to the promotion of mental health and the prevention of depression, work related stress, and dementia.
TOPIC / TOOL | 19 April 2021
Today there is a lot of EO data and products available from Copernicus and other sources. Which data/products best meet user needs? Are these fit for purpose?
TOPIC / TOOL | 19 April 2021
Explore the latest trends and developments of Earth Observation, research agendas, projects and outlook.
TOPIC / TOOL | 19 April 2021
Explore how EU policies can benefit from Earth Observation and maximize its uptake for better regulation.