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VISUALISATION | 19 June 2021
On 1 January 2020, the EU had a total population of 447 319 916 inhabitants (Eurostat). Out of these, 13 522 253 (3,0%) were EU...
VISUALISATION | 19 June 2021
Children in migration are more vulnerable than adults, particularly when they are unaccompanied. This graph shows the number of asylum applications made in the EU Member States...
VISUALISATION | 17 June 2021
Europe’s population is getting older. Europeans are living longer than ever before. The proportion of people of working age in the EU is shrinking, while the number of the elderly is increasing...
EU Member States' Social Accounting Matrices with a detailed disaggregation of the bio-economy View visualisation in full browser size [expandable expanded_label=" Metadata" collapsed_label="Collapse" expanded="false"] References...
What happens to employment if exports change? Try this interactive tool to simulate the effects of demand changes on jobs. Tool based on the Social Accounting Matrices. [expandable...