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VISUALISATION | 22 June 2022
In a fast-changing world and faced with global challenges of climate change, digital and green transitions, recovery from the pandemic and geopolitical tensions, the public sector more generally and policymaking...
The EU Bioeconomy Monitoring System offers a comprehensive overview of European trends in indicators related to the EU Bioeconomy. The set of indicators is organised according to a conceptual framework that...
VISUALISATION | 25 March 2022
Explore the supply and use of agricultural, forestry and fisheries biomass in the EU.
VISUALISATION | 14 February 2022
Explore socio-economic data and indicators for the bioeconomy sectors in the EU and the Member States through an interactive dashboard.
VISUALISATION | 11 February 2022
This dashboard presents the distribution of the bio-based industry (and biorefineries) in the EU, including the following production: bio-based chemicals, liquid biofuels, bio-based composites and fibres, biomethane, pulp&paper...