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Text Mining and Analysis Competence Centre

We use text mining and analysis tools to extract information from online data, including traditional or social media, or from large public or proprietary document sets.

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Knowledge service Text Mining
PAGE | 15 Mar 2023
TIM Dual-Use Web Platform Screen grab from TIM Dual-Use: organisations involved in nuclear dual-use research, 1996-2020 TIM Dual-Use is a web-based platform...
TOPIC / TOOL | 22 Dec 2022
Officers responsible of crisis management and security assessment need accurate timely information on the security situation on the field. Textual news data coming from various sources (news...
SecAid Analysis dashboard
TOPIC / TOOL | 22 Dec 2022
Sentiments (positive, negative, neutral), emotions (joy, anger, sadness, fear, disgust, and surprise) and values (power, achievement, self-direction, stimulation, benevolence, universalism,hedonism, security, conformity...
Example of sentiment analysis
TOPIC / TOOL | 22 Dec 2022
Making Sense across languages of citizens' Contributions to the Conference on The Future of Europe
Dashboard for data analysis - Conference on the Future of Europe
TOPIC / TOOL | 19 Dec 2022
EMM started in 2002 as a project to support the Commission with its media monitoring activities.
Europe Media Monitor (EMM)