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Competence Centre on Text Mining and Analysis

We use text mining and analysis tools to extract information from online data, including traditional or social media, or from large public or proprietary document sets.

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Knowledge service Text Mining
PAGE | 9 June 2022
TIM Dual-Use Web Platform Screen grab from TIM Dual-Use: organisations involved in nuclear dual-use research, 1996-2020 TIM Dual-Use is a web-based platform...
NEWS | 26 April 2022
We are changing the way in which the TIM search stems the keywords (reduces word variants to a root form) that are used in the search. The new stemmer, Kstem...
PUBLICATION | 4 January 2018
Improving knowledge management and collaborative working in the European Commission, modernising the Institution by overcoming silos mentalities and connecting synergies between portfolios.
PAGE | 21 December 2021
TIM Technology Editor contains data related to science and innovation: Peer-reviewed scientific publications from Scopus, worldwide patent applications from Patstat, and projects funded...
PAGE | 21 December 2021
TIM Edge puts together various datasets to track emerging technologies as they progress towards concrete market applications. Patents, scientific publications, news from the media...
PAGE | 20 December 2021
This project aims at developing new methods and tools for detecting variations in large datasets. For example, the methods applied to scientific publications databases allow to detect new...
PUBLICATION | 22 September 2020
This report presents methodological aspects and the results of a horizon scanning exercise where the text mining capacities of the JRC's 'Tool for Innovation Monitoring' were harnessed to analyse bibliometric...
PAGE | 16 June 2021
Find here the latest publications that use TIM for their analysis JRC Publications and Scientific Publications JRC Publications Scientific publications Back to TIM Deliverables &...