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Digital Europa Thesaurus Food
The right to feed oneself in dignity and to be free from hunger is guaranteed by the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which today has been signed and ratified...
PAGE | 26 Jan 2023
Demand for water, food, energy, land and minerals is rising substantially, making natural resources increasingly scarce and more expensive.
In line with the tradition of addressing cutting-edge topics in blue bioeconomy, this 2022 edition deals with (1) an overview of latest developments of micro- and macroalgae cultivation systems, (2) a focus...
NEWS | 13 Jan 2023
The blue bioeconomy includes any economic activity associated with the use of renewable aquatic biological resources to make products.
Monthly summary of articles on food fraud and adulteration - December, 2022. Food fraud cases: seafood, meat, wine and alcoholic beverages, vegetables, oils, cereals...
Banner JRC Food Fraud Monthly Report December 2022