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Digital Europa Thesaurus public health
PUBLICATION | 15 June 2022
The objective of this report is to update the Government of The Gambia, think-tanks and researchers, the public, and the World Bank’s senior management on the state of the Gambian economy and its outlook, together with the structural reforms...
NEWS | 3 June 2022
Today, the Commission is launching a public consultation on an Integrated Nutrient Management Action Plan. The Action Plan, announced in the EU Biodiversity and Farm to Fork strategies, will help...
PUBLICATION | 3 June 2022
This State of Knowledge Review synthesises the available information on the inter-linkages between biodiversity, ecosystem stability, and epidemic infectious diseases such as the Ebola virus; and the connection between biodiversity...
PUBLICATION | 27 May 2022
The global spread of COVID-19 is rapidly changing the world as we know it. The pandemic, which is causing loss of life and personal grief, as well as wreaking havoc on health...