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Digital Europa Thesaurus urban infrastructure
PAGE | 3 July 2020
In future cities, we will need to optimise the distribution and use of public space to ensure that it is safe, accessible and inclusive for all.Provision of services could be improved...
PAGE | 25 June 2020
The recently adopted Degree of Urbanisation allows a consistent definition and comparison of urbanisation at a global scale. Based on this new definition, the world is already much more urbanised than previously...
PAGE | 16 April 2020
By 2050, the urban population could reach 9 billion. Cities are increasingly functioning autonomously, setting new social and economic standards.
VISUALISATION | 14 February 2020
Source: United Nations, World Urbanization Prospects - The 2014 revision - highlights. Chapter: Trends in Urbanization
PAGE | 27 July 2018
Tools provided by the European Commission Urban Data Platform plusUrban Data Platform plus (UDPplus) is a joint initiative of the JRC and DG REGIO. It provides a 360...
VISUALISATION | 25 July 2018
Source: City Centres Database (interactive map), JRC European Commission