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Digital Europa Thesaurus collaborative economy
PAGE | 7 May 2020
Scenario Exploration System that pictures four future scenarios using societal values and fiscal framework, from traditional to highly supporting sustainability.
A foresight project to explore current developments, future potential and possible challenges for the EU created by the so called 'sharing' or 'collaborative' economy.
PAGE | 12 October 2018
The work/leisure meaning and balance are changing, driven by priority to self-fulfilment and an increasing entrepreneurial spirit, moving towards self-actualization economy.| Related Megatrends: Inequalities; Technology; Education;New...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 12 October 2018
Shared economy platforms (e.g. Uber, AirBnB, Helping, Upwork, etc.) proliferate outside the existing labour laws and regulations; therefore, new employment and self-regulation system...