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Digital Europa Thesaurus educational system
ONLINE RESOURCE | 29 June 2020
Augment individual intelligence could eventually create functional geniuses, fundamentally changing the education and learning systems. Future prejudices could emerge between those who...
PAGE | 25 June 2020
Future of Learning: Preparing for Change - The central learning paradigm is characterised by lifelong and life-wide learning, shaped by the ubiquity of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). To reach the goals...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 25 June 2020
Universal access to internet might help alleviate the barriers that exist for education. according to the World Economic Forum, several projections have been made to grant people...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 25 June 2020
Expanding quality education and including a basic system of values are sine qua non for a globalised and mobile world.
PAGE | 22 June 2020
The meaning and scope of education are shifting towards self-fulfilment, rather than seeking qualification for a job. Education is increasingly shifting from obtaining degree to developing skills and specifically soft...
PAGE | 22 June 2020
The Education 2030 Framework for Action provides guidance to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4 which aims to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong...
PAGE | 22 June 2020
An increasingly knowledgeable society is exponentially rising the amount and quality of knowledge that becomes ubiquitously available. Knowledge is becoming more accessible to everyone everywhere as never before.There is increased...