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Competence Centre on Foresight

We foster a strategic, future-oriented and anticipatory culture in the EU policymaking process.


EC work relevant to Aggravating Resource Scarcity

Policy papers and projects

EU Sustainable Development Goals - European Commission portal

EC Bioeconomy Knowledge Centre, (BKC)

EU Methodology for Critical Raw Materials Assessment: Policy Needs and Proposed Solutions for Incremental Improvements, DG JRC - Joint Research Centre.

MARS, monitoring of global agriculture resources and food security, DG JRC - Joint Research Centre,

European Soil Data Centre (ESDAC), DG JRC - Joint Research Centre

KnowSDGs platform - DG JRC - Joint Research Centre, European Commission

ICT4Water (public consultation on standardization, policies, technologies, circular economy and energy nexus principles)

Circular Economy (Partnership to identify innovative, feasible solutions for circular economy)


The Urban Water Atlas for Europe presents the state of water management in more than 40 European cities and regions, together with a number of overseas examples, DG JRC - Joint Research Centre, (2017) 

Investing in a smart, innovative and sustainable Industry - A renewed EU Industrial Policy Strategy, European Commission, (2017) 

Non-ferrous Metals Manufacturing: Vision for 2050 and Actions Needed, DG JRC - Joint Research Centre, (2017) 

FOOD 2030: Research & Innovation for Tomorrow's Nutrition & Food Systems,  conference and proceeding, (2016)

Security of supply and scarcity of raw materials: towards a methodological framework for sustainability assessment (report), DG JRC - Joint Research Centre, (2013)

Applicable model

E3ME - energy-environment-economy is a macroeconometric model for Europe, widely used for policy assessment, forecasting and research purposes

Co-extinction - simulated scenrios assessing co-extinction potential causes and impacts based on synergies among extinction drivers.

NEMESIS - New Econometric Model of Evaluation by Sectoral Interdependency and Supply

GHSL - Global Human Settlement Layer -- tool for assessing the human presence on the planet; supported by the EC JRC and DG REGIO, and Geo Human Planet Initiative

PROMETHEUS provides detailed projections of energy demand, supply, power generation mix, energy-related carbon emissions, energy prices and investment to the future covering the global energy system

FIDELIO - Fully Interregional Dynamic Econometric Long-term Input-Output Model

GEM-E3 - macro-economic tool for modelling Energy, Climate and Air Quality policies

JRC-EU-TIMES - energy system model for the EU

LUISA - Territorial Modelling Platform

EPIC - Environmental impact calculator

GLOBIOM - global, partial equilibrium model covering the sectors of agriculture, forestry and bioenergy including economic as well as bio-physical aspects

EU waste model - European Reference Model on Municipal Waste Management

EE-IO Tools - Tools for Environmentally Extended Input-Output Analysis (EE-IO) for Europe

SOSTARE - Analysis of technical efficiency and agronomic, economic and ecologic sustainability at farm level