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Topic / Tool | Last updated: 20 Feb 2024

Digital Transition Toolkit

Toolkit for policy-makers: Strategic conversations on digital transition for farmers and rural communities

Brief me

Explore questions and activities to inform a digital strategy for agriculture and rural areas.

Use this toolkit to

· discuss key issues for building vision and strategy for your digital transition

· engage stakeholders to develop or improve an existing strategy

· increase your anticipatory capacity and future-proof your strategy

The digital transition in agriculture and rural areas is complex and context-specific. It requires tailored solutions that consider local needs, resources, and challenges. This toolkit helps policy-makers reflect on the implications of digital transition for farmers and rural communities through structured conversations. It draws on insights of the report Digital Transition: Long –term Implications for EU Farmers and Rural Communities.


Toolkit components

1.Theoretical part

Questions to initiate discussions on the purpose, values and principles to guide the process of digital transition.

2. Practical part

Practical activities to discuss key enablers for adopting digital technologies.

A set of transformative scenarios to stress-test your digital strategy.

3. Summary sheet

A template to capture and document key insights.


How to use this toolkit

Use the toolkit in a workshop setting, ideally over four half-day sessions. Adjust the focus based on your goals and timeframe. Begin the workshop by outlining your current digital journey and session goals. Utilise the workshop outcomes to inform your strategy development process. This includes setting or revising objectives, developing milestones or indicators, and creating action plans.


Download the toolkit components

Toolkit theory cards

Toolkit activity cards

Toolkit scenarios

Toolkit summary sheet


Download the language versions

French version of the toolkit

German version of the toolkit


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