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PUBLICATION | 30 May 2021
The International Migration Drivers report quantifies the relative weight of the drivers of migration at international level in a comprehensive way by income levels of countries of origin. Different channels of migration...
PUBLICATION | 7 April 2021
Impact assessment of interlinkages between the megatrends: Changing security paradigm, Climate change and environmental degradation, Aggravating resource scarcity, Increasing significance of migration and Growing consumerism.
VISUALISATION | 28 January 2021
Social network sites worldwide, ranked by number of active users (in millions) as of April 2018. Source: Statista - the statistic portal, (2018), Global social...
VISUALISATION | 28 January 2021
Source: UNDP, map by Actualitix Source: 2016 Human Development Report
PUBLICATION | 9 January 2021
The Future of Customs in the EU 2040 report is an outcome of a year-long foresight process. Its aim is to support strategic reflection on the future of the European Union’s Customs Union, its...
PUBLICATION | 16 December 2020
Agriculture is one of the important sectors in transforming the European economy and society towards a long-term sustainability. While contributing to this transition, European farmers will at the same time face...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 11 December 2020
The geopolitical power changes will also trigger cultural changes to the global business and economic landscape, politics and security. The new geopolitical changes should be used...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 11 December 2020
As the economic activity and influence of emerging markets and developing economies increases, new markets, competitors and demands emerge, changing the geopolitical and economic powers. Global economic shifts...
ONLINE RESOURCE | 11 December 2020
Forecasting extreme space weather, such as different types of solar activity becomes increasingly important given their potential impact on the operations of critical infrastructures. |...