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Topic / Tool | Last updated: 20 Aug 2021

Migration Discussion Toolkit

Seven discussion formats for a forward-looking debate on migration and integration.

The Migration discussion toolkit helps you to

  • explore future of migration scenarios in an interactive format
  • connect scientific evidence with personal experience for greater impact
  • examine migration issues from the perspective of different actors
  • support mutual understanding and collaboration between different actors
  • get inspired by easy-to-use guides to set up discussions with smaller and bigger groups
  • organise 1.5 hours to a full-day workshop
  • use visual aids to facilitate the discussion: scenario and megatrend cards, migrant persona profiles, governance cards, templates for capturing insights, etc.
Migration Future Scenarios

Explore the discussion toolkit, supporting materials and the main report with future migration scenarios:

Main report with future migration scenarios and the discussion toolkit:

The Future of Migration in the European Union: Future scenarios and tools to stimulate forward-looking discussions

Visual aids with printing instructions to facilitate the debate:

Migration Discussion Toolkit Elements


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Discussion format

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