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Knowledge Centre for Food Fraud and Quality

We all in Knowledge Centre for Food Fraud and Quality (KC-FFQ) produce and make sense of scientific information to protect the authenticity and quality of food supplied in the EU.

What we do

The Knowledge Centre for Food Fraud and Quality (KC-FFQ), provides and shares up-to-date scientific knowledge on food fraud and food quality issues. It coordinates market surveillance activities and operates early warning and information system for food fraud.

Brief me

Collectively operated by the Commision's science and knoweldge service, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) and the Departments regulating the feed-food chain and protecting consumer rights, the KC-FFQ works to:

  • Create formalised science/policy interface in support of initiatives for safe-guarding the quality of agri-food products and protecting the integrity of the food chain;
  • Ensure knowledge sharing among different Commission departments,  scientists and competent authorities in EU countries through a Community of Practice;
  • Build collaboration with authorities in third countries.

The Centre complements the activities of the EU Food Fraud Network, which is operated by the European Commission Department for Health and Food Safety

European Commission's Knowledge Centre for Food Fraud and Quality
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Fraud in the context of food means that the description of the origin of food, its composition and how it has been obtained and/or prepared, shall be truthful.
The notion of food quality rests on a complex and multi-dimensional concept which is influenced by a wide range of situational and contextual factors.