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Knowledge for policy

Knowledge Centre for Bioeconomy

We enhance the knowledge base for policymaking on the bioeconomy.

What we do

A common and robust knowledge base for a sustainable and circular bioeconomy

The Knowledge Centre for Bioeconomy supports policymaking by:

  • identifying, filtering and structuring relevant information and making it accessible
  • bringing together researchers, policymakers and other experts in the field
  • analysing, synthesising available evidence and communicating it in a transparent, tailored and concise manner

Brief me

  • Global challenges, such as climate change and land and ecosystem degradation, coupled with growing demands for food and energy, force us to find new ways of producing and consuming.
  • A sustainable and circular bioeconomy helps address these challenges.
  • To develop a sustainable and circular bioeconomy, policies must be evidence-based and coherent across different sectors. For this, we need a common and robust knowledge base.
European Commission's Knowledge Centre for Bioeconomy
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Biomass is the physical basis of the bioeconomy and at the core of the societal challenges it addresses. Knowledge on biomass production, availability and use is key.
Discover how the bio-based sectors contribute to the economy of the EU and its Member States!
Environmental impacts of bioeconomy sectors must be monitored in order to ensure that the bioeconomy operates within safe ecological limits.

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