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Topic / Tool | Last updated: 25 Aug 2021

Fisheries and aquaculture biomass

Get the most relevant knowledge resources on biomass from fisheries and aquaculture: reports, time series statistics, research projects and much more!

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Fisheries and aquaculture biomass production within a sustainable and circular bioeconomy

  • Fisheries and aquaculture have a central role among the biomass producing sectors, providing valuable sources for the EU bioeconomy.
  • Capture fisheries production has been relatively stable globally since the late 1980s, producing around 90 million tonnes per year. By contrast, aquaculture is the world’s fastest-growing animal food-producing sector.
  • In the EU, fisheries and aquaculture produced a total of 6 million tonnes of biomass in 2017. This is 3.5% of the global production.
  • In the Northeast Atlantic, reduced fishing pressure has led to an improvement in the status of stocks in recent years. However, 38% of the stocks assessed were still overfished in 2018.
  • In the Mediterranean and Black Seas, 93% of the assessed stocks were overfished in 2017.


Find out more in the brief and explore further other resources!

Brief on biomass production of fisheries and aquaculture
(725.58 KB - pdf)

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