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Forestry biomass

Explore data and information on forestry biomass and the state of EU forests: key figures, visualisations, publications and other resources selected for you!

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Forestry biomass production within a sustainable and circular bioeconomy

  • Forestry has a central role among the biomass producing sectors, providing valuable sources for the EU bioeconomy.
  • Forests in the EU cover one third of the land area and they have been expanding for the past 20 years.
  • They provide many services to society, such as helping mitigate climate change, supporting biodiversity, regulating water, offering recreation areas and supplying wood.
  • On average 281 Mt of wood are harvested in the EU each year, corresponding to 63% of the new wood grown.
  • Sustainable wood production implies balancing harvesting with the full range of forest ecosystem services.
  • Monitoring EU forests is key to ensuring their balanced management: the European Commission is working with Member States to harmonise data and make statistics comparable across the EU.

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Brief on forestry biomass production

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