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Algae biomass

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Algae biomass production within a sustainable and circular Bioeconomy

  • Algae represent a largely untapped resource among the biomass producing sectors of the EU bioeconomy.
  • We can use them for food and feed, cosmetics, fertilisers and fuels, creating new markets and jobs.
  • The term ‘algae’ covers single-celled microalgae cultivated in open ponds or in closed systems and macroalgae, harvested from wild stocks or cultivated in aquaculture systems.
  • Algae biomass production in the EU contributed only 0.28% (93 thousand tonnes wet weight) to global production in 2016, but production plants are already present in most Member States.
  • Worldwide, algae are mainly cultivated. In Europe, 98% of macroalgae biomass has been harvested from wild stocks in 2016, but aquaculture systems are becoming more common.
  • European Commission’s Joint Research Centre is analysing data on algae production and industry in Europe to support sustainable production and use of algae.

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Brief on algae biomass production

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