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Knowledge for policy

Competence Centre on Behavioural Insights

We support policymaking with evidence on human behaviour

What we do

We support policymaking by providing evidence on human behaviour. Our activities include:

  • conducting behavioural research
  • providing expert assistance to other departments of the European Commission, to embed behavioural evidence into policymaking
  • building capacity on behavioural insights

Brief me

  • Behavioural insights concern how people perceive things, how they decide, and how they behave.
  • They build on behavioural sciences – which include behavioural economics, social and cognitive psychology, and sociology.
  • They are based on evidence generated by experiments, surveys, focus groups and in-depth interviews.
  • Behavioural insights help understand the causes of a policy problem, suggest policy options, and test people’s reactions to these policy options.

More on behavioural insights

We rely on the knowledge within our team and on dedicated tools.

Our ongoing projects

Competence Centre on Behavioural Insights
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Communicating with Europeans is integral to the work of the European Commission. Effective communication can profit from knowledge about the behavioural factors of the target population.
Clean, affordable and secure energy is fundamental to a carbon-free EU. Understanding European’s energy-related decisions can contribute to better EU energy policy.
Behavioural factors other than profit maximisation influence our financial decisions. Understanding these factors can improve market regulation and policies aimed at protecting investors.
Many of our behaviours affect our health, and that of those around us. Understanding this can help shape better health policies.