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Competence Centre on Foresight

We foster a strategic, future-oriented and anticipatory culture in the EU policymaking process.

Page | 01 Oct 2018

Models relevant to Aggravating Resource Scarcity used by the EC

E3ME - energy-environment-economy is a macroeconometric model for Europe, widely used for policy assessment, forecasting and research purposes

Co-extinction - simulated scenrios assessing co-extinction potential causes and impacts based on synergies among extinction drivers.

NEMESIS - New Econometric Model of Evaluation by Sectoral Interdependency and Supply

GHSL - Global Human Settlement Layer -- tool for assessing the human presence on the planet; supported by the EC JRC and DG REGIO, and Geo Human Planet Initiative

PROMETHEUS provides detailed projections of energy demand, supply, power generation mix, energy-related carbon emissions, energy prices and investment to the future covering the global energy system

FIDELIO - Fully Interregional Dynamic Econometric Long-term Input-Output Model

GEM-E3 - macro-economic tool for modelling Energy, Climate and Air Quality policies

JRC-EU-TIMES - energy system model for the EU

LUISA - Territorial Modelling Platform

EPIC - Environmental impact calculator

GLOBIOM - global, partial equilibrium model covering the sectors of agriculture, forestry and bioenergy including economic as well as bio-physical aspects

EU waste model - European Reference Model on Municipal Waste Management

EE-IO Tools - Tools for Environmentally Extended Input-Output Analysis (EE-IO) for Europe

SOSTARE - Analysis of technical efficiency and agronomic, economic and ecologic sustainability at farm level