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Knowledge Centre for Biodiversity

We enhance the knowledge base, facilitate its sharing and foster cross-sectorial policy dialogue for EU policy making in biodiversity and related fields.

What we do

The Knowledge Centre for Biodiversity supports policymaking:

  • by identifying, filtering and structuring relevant information and making it accessible bringing together researchers, policymakers, NGOs, industry and citizens
  • analysing, synthesising available evidence and communicating it in a transparent, tailored and concise manner

About this knowledge service

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On May 20, 2020, the European Commission adopted the new EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 and an associated Action Plan - a comprehensive, ambitious, long-term plan for protecting nature and reversing the degradation of ecosystems.

To support the strategy, a Knowledge Centre for Biodiversity has been established to help

  • track and assess progress by the EU and its partners, including in relation to implementation of biodiversity-related international instruments
  • foster cooperation and partnership, including between climate and biodiversity scientists
  • underpin policy development.

As this Knowledge Centre is in its infancy, its content is expected to change and grow quickly over the months. 

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