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Knowledge Centre for Biodiversity

We enhance the knowledge base, facilitate its sharing and foster cross-sectorial policy dialogue for EU policy making in biodiversity and related fields.

Topic / Tool | Last updated: 06 Sep 2023

Biodiversity conservation

Brief me

Have you ever wondered:

  • What concrete actions can we take to conserve and enhance biodiversity?
  • What is the state of global and European biodiversity conservation?
  • How are EU policies addressing biodiversity conservation, both directly and indirectly?

Find out by navigating our sections under "Explore further" below!



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Explore further

Brief me on biodiversity conservation

Introduction to biodiversity conservation

EU action on biodiversity conservation

EU policies and projects relevant for biodiversity conservation.

Publications on biodiversity conservation

This is a partial list of EU, UN and other publications relevant for biodiversity conservation.

Resources on biodiversity conservation

This is a partial list of useful resources for further information on biodiversity conservation.

Latest knowledge