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We enhance the knowledge base for policymaking on the bioeconomy.


Environmental impact: more resources

Access information from multiple sources on the measurement of the environmental impact of the bioeconomy.


Non-exhaustive list of links to further resources:

Environmental impacts of European trade
Study the impact of trade assessed by Environmentally Extended Input-Output Analysis (EEIOA) and process-based Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Abiotic and biotic resources impact categories in LCA
Explore the development of new approaches for considering resource dissipation.

Environmental sustainability of European production and consumption assessed against planetary boundaries
Use study results to define benchmarks and policy targets.

Biodiversity assessment of value chains: State of the art and emerging challenges
Learn about weaknesses of existing LCIA models for assessing biodiversity impacts.

Environmental impact assessments of innovative bio-based products
Discover seven cradle-to-grave LCA case studies analysing three major commercialised bio-based polymers: polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polylactide acid (PLA) and starch plastics.

Addressing environmental sustainability of biochemicals
Learn about LCA studies applied to commercialized commodity biochemicals produced through microbial fermentation.

Carbon footprint of plastic from biomass and recycled feedstock: methodological insights
Discover how LCA is applied to non-biodegradable plastic products manufactured from alternative feedstock (rigid plastic for packaging and automotive applications).

Indicators to monitor and evaluate the sustainability of bioeconomy
Learn how LCA methods can be applied to assess and monitor the sustainability of the bioeconomy.

Open LCA
Model and assess any product over its life cycle, from resource extraction to production, use and disposal with an open access software.

European Platform on Life Cycle Assessment datasets
Check, visualize and download the high quality Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) core datasets of the European Life Cycle core Database (ELCD).

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of alternative feedstocks for plastics production
Learn the “Plastics LCA method”, a harmonised methodology to evaluate the potential environmental impacts of plastics produced from several fossil and bio-based feedstocks while considering the differences in biodegradability properties of the resulting materials.

Suggestions for updating the organisation environmental footprint (OEF) method
Find out how to make the Environmental Footprint of your organization more reproducible, comparable and verifiable.

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