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Page | Last updated: 27 Sep 2018

Potential implications of Growing Consumerism

The growing purchasing power of the middle classes in the newly industrialised countries creates opportunities for the consumer goods industry, health services, infrastructure and education.

  • Unless consumption patterns of the emerging middle class in developing countries change, bottle necks in food and energy are very likely, along with increasing environmental degradation. 
    • e.g. new energy users will have profound implications for the price of oil, coal and other fuels, as well as for concentrations of greenhouse-gas emissions in the atmosphere and the resulting climate change and will ultimately diminish the livelihoods that we are trying to improve.
  • Asia's influence on the global consumer culture is growing. Prosperity among many young Chinese people will have a long-term effect on market trends not only in Asia but also in the USA and Europe.
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  • Since women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchasing – either by direct purchases or influence – their education in responsible consumption could change patterns.
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