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Publication | 9 February 2021

Blue bioeconomy report

In 2018, EUMOFA released a groundbreaking “Blue bioeconomy: situation report and perspectives” report that provided a comprehensive overview of the blue bioeconomy sector in the European Union. By definition, “blue bioeconomy” incorporates any economic activity associated with the use of renewable aquatic biological resources to make products. Examples of these wide-ranging products include novel foods and food additives, animal feeds, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, materials (e.g. clothes and construction materials) and energy.

Businesses that grow the raw materials for these products, or that extract, refine, process and transform the biological compounds, as well as those developing the required technologies and equipment all participate in the blue bioeconomy. The report was meant to be a one-of-kind publication for EUMOFA, which traditionally deals with typical aquaculture and fisheries, where the fish or shellfish are caught or produced for human consumption. Of course, these typical entities are still blue bioeconomy, but “traditional” ones, whereas the report focused on cutting-edge applications of aquatic biomass.

Blue bioeconomy report

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