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Publication | 1 March 2021

7 Calls To Action For Food systems Transformation

Global Food and Nutrition Security

In this brief, the GLOBAL ALLIANCE FOR THE FUTURE OF FOOD advocates for food systems transformation at the international level. Seven calls for action are documented, and for each of them potential pathways for action are proposed:

  1. Ensure integrated, participatory, rights-based approaches to governance and policymaking at all levels in order to address the structural inequities and power imbalances in food systems.
  2. Increase public research for the public good supporting ambitious, transdisciplinary, inclusive, and systems-based approaches with an emphasis on the indivisible ecological, health, social, and economic goals.
  3. Recognize and account for the positive and negative environmental, social, and health impacts and externalities of food and agricultural systems policies and practices to inform decision-making.
  4. Direct public sector finance and fiscal policy across the value chain toward ecologically beneficial forms of farming, better and healthier food, and resilient livelihoods and communities.
  5. Unlock private, philanthropic, and multilateral investment opportunities in sustainable food systems and better align those opportunities amongst actors for greater impact.
  6. Create enabling environments for agroecological and regenerative approaches where investments can flourish and benefit all.
  7. Promote nutrient-dense, whole-food diets underpinned by diversified food production adapted to different microclimates and sociocultural contexts.