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Projects and activities | Last updated: 28 Oct 2022

REGINE: Regularisations in Europe: Study on practices in the area of regularisation of illegally staying third-country nationals in the Member States of the EU

Brief me

REGINE is a research project on regularisation practices in the European Union. In order to gain insights in regularisation practices and the impact of regularisations elsewhere two additional non-EU countries– Switzerland and the US – has been also covered. Objectives:

  1. To provide a thorough mapping of practices relating to the regularisation of third country nationals illegally resident in EU Member States. 2) To investigate the relationship of regularisation policies to the overall migration policy framework, including to protection issues and refugee policies. 3) To examine the political position of different stakeholders towards regularisation policies on the national level. 4) To examine potential options for policies on regularisation on the European level, incorporating Member States as well as other stakeholders’ views on possible instruments on the European level. NOTE: Data for the project has been gathered through a questionnaire addressed to EU Member States and additional questionnaires addressed to NGOs and Trade Unions.