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Page | 01 Jul 2020

NANO2ALL SES edition

Scenario Exploration System that facilitates societal debate around nanotechnology development in Europe.

The Scenario Exploration System (SES) is a serious game that uses engagement techniques from the entertainment world to engage participants in the full richness of the systemic collective reflection created when building scenarios.

NANO2ALL recommends processes that allow for better identifying and integrating society’s needs, expectations and concerns in nanotechnology development in Europe.

Recommendations are constructed together with citizens, civil society organisations, media representatives, policy makers, research funders and professionals (researchers, industry representatives) using the SES tool. 

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Get the materials and instructions for the NANO2ALL SES edition - what is it, how can I use it and how can I benefit form it.

NANO2ALL SES edition
(22.45 MB - Nano2All edition - EN version )

NANO2All SES edition - PL version
(25.23 MB - NANO2All SES edition - PL version )