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News | 7 June 2021

New KCMD Action Plan Adopted

The KCMD steering group has just adopted the next annual Action Plan, which outlines the priority working areas until end 2022.

Migration and Demography

A Commission Steering Group provides strategic direction for the KCMD, in line with the Commission priorities. The Steering Group has just adopted the next KCMD biannual Action Plan, which outlines the priority tasks and working areas until end of 2022.

The KCMD will continue capitalizing on its expertise in data innovation and developing knowledge and tools to respond to the policy needs related to the New Pact on Migration and Asylum.

For instance, we will conduct ad-hoc analyses in support of specific policy initiatives stemming from the New Pact in the area of return and readmission, as well as asylum.

Migration is also a key priority area for the cooperation between the EU and Africa. In 2021 and beyond, the KCMD will further analyse migration and mobility, demographic change and development in Africa, and develop collaboration activities with African partners to support them in producing knowledge on migration and demography for evidence-informed policymaking.

The KCMD will continue to provide scientific evidence for ongoing initiatives in the area of demography, such as the Long Term Vision for Rural Areas, building on the previous work in support to the Report on the Impact of Demographic Change and the Green Paper on Ageing.

The KCMD intends to fully deploy its specific expertise on demographic modelling and analyses, featuring a strong territorial approach at a high spatial resolution, in support to the “Democracy and Demography” portfolio. This work will feed future releases of our new tool – the Atlas of Demography.