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Publication | 16 August 2021

The White/Wiphala Paper on Indigenous Peoples' food systems

Global Food and Nutrition Security

The drafting of this White/Wiphala Paper was coordinated by the Global-Hub on Indigenous Peoples’ Food Systems and edited by a Technical Editorial Committee that summarised the main points received. The White/Wiphala Paper on Indigenous Peoples’ food systems is the result of collective work by indigenous and non-indigenous experts, scientists and researchers. The initial draft received over 60 direct contributions from indigenous organizations, indigenous experts and institutions from six socio-cultural regions. We owe our thanks to all who contributed, and whose names can be found at the beginning of the paper. This White/Wiphala Paper offers a constructive, evidence-based contribution to the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit. The contributors and co-authors of the paper look to the leadership of the UN Food Systems Summit to incorporate the principles and values of Indigenous Peoples’ food systems in the Summit’s agenda, and in the policy discussions and programmes beyond the Summit.