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Page | Last updated: 11 Dec 2020

Impacts of non-state actors

Increasing global connectedness will continue to foster the interaction among non-state actors beyond states capacity to control it, thus challenging in several ways traditional governance.

  • The growing role of non-state actors is changing the political, security, economic, and social environments. | Related Megatrends: SecurityMigration
  • The role of social movements, especially the “networked” ones, has increased (e.g. gilets jaunes, climate marches, #MeToo, etc)
  • New actors – digital communities, transnational institutions, multinational corporations, civil society organizations and the social media platforms – are impacting all levels of governance and add new layers of rules and expectations to the population at large. | Related Megatrends: TechnologyInequalities
  • The role of corporations for social change is increasing, with 64% of people globally expecting CEOs to lead and 84% expecting CEOs to influence policy debates on social issues, according to 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer
  • The massive economic growth of several big digital companies could led to an imbalance of power relations
  • With nearly 10,000 companies from some 160 countries being members of the UN Global Compact, supporting the Sustainable Development Goals, corporate responsibility is becoming an important driver of social change and governance.
  • The millennials and generation Z confidence in political leaders is rather low, as revealed by The Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2019. Some 73% of those surveyed consider that political leaders are failing to have a positive impact on the world and about 45%  do not trust them as sources of reliable information. Distrust in traditional media is also rather high, with 43% considering that the mass media is having a negative impact on the world, and 27% having no trust at all in the media as sources of reliable and accurate information. NGOs and not-for-profits ranked highest in terms of both societal impact and sources of reliable information.
    | Related Megatrends: SecurityTechnologyInequalities
  • Blockchain technology is another new governance system, an engine of automated self-regulation for communities, markets and society. | Related Megatrends: Technology

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