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Increasing influence of new governing systems

Non-state actors, global conscientiousness, social media and internationalisation of decision-making are forming new, multi-layered governing systems.

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Governing systems are multiplying and diversifying. The expanding influence of non-state actors, the emergence of a global conscientiousness, the prominence of social media platforms and internationalisation of decision-making are forming new, multi-layered governing systems over traditional decision-making structures.

Developments and Forecasts

Elements such as: the Knowledge Revolution, the transition to sustainable development, the new social trifunctionality, open government, the conservative and populist zeitgeist, and the increasing influence of businesses, are transforming governance at high speed.


Increasing global connectedness will continue to foster the interactions among non-state actors beyond states' capacity to control them, increasingly challenging traditional governance.

Glocalisation of governance

Diversification of democracy

Impacts of non-state actors

Transnational organised crime and Hybrid Threats


Ubiqutous digital connectivity is changing the lives, systems of values, and the governing system(s) all over the world. 

Digital oligarchy

Social media impact

AI and access to new technologies

"Fake News" and disinformation

More Developments and Forecasts

Potential Implications

​The gap between what citizens expect from governments and what governments are seen to be delivering is growing, raising serious challenges in terms of effectiveness and legitimacy. This could require a radical rethink of how governments work. Democratization of information sources could be used for a more active engagement of the citizenry in policymaking.

Non-state actors


New governance models

Innovation in public administration

More Potential Implications


Indicators to measure change and potential forecasts.

Freedom in the World 2019
Source: Freedom House, Freedom in the World 2019


Freedom in the World 2019 (© Freedom House)

More Indicators

Relevant EC Work

Policy papers and projects relevant to Increasing Influence of New Governing Systems

TIM (Tools for Innovation Monitoring) is a tool developed by the EC Joint Research Centre to monitor and better understand the different facets of innovation and technological development.
Use TIM to explore R&I related to increasing influence of new governing systems 


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The EMM News Brief, Europe Media Monitoring, is a fully automatic system that analyses both traditional and social media. It gathers and aggregates about 300,000 news articles per day from news portals world-wide in up to 70 languages. 
Use EMM News Brief to explore worldwide news related to the changing governing systems


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