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Dataset | 27 July 2016

Roundwood removals under bark by type of ownership


Data on removals of roundwood comprising all quantities of wood felled and removed from the forest and other wooded land or other felling sites. Data measured in cubic metres, broken down by species group (coniferous/non coniferous), and ownership (State ownership, other public ownership, and private ownership).

In each country, different organisations/associations represent companies that supply and use roundwood and/or trade in roundwood and wood-products. Data are generally collected from the users of roundwood (the wood industry companies or companies that trade in roundwood). There are however different methods used for the collection of basic data, e.g. in Sweden, the data on removals rely partly on the National Forest Inventories. In Finland, data are collected from roundwood buyers, i.e. wood industry companies.

The accounting data represent an aggregate for the economic activities of forestry and logging in each country.

All of the data are compiled from the Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire (JFSQ)