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Dataset | 30 November 2016

Emissions from Land Use Total

Land Use Total contains all GHG emissions and removals produced in the different Land Use sub-domains, representing the three IPCC Land Use categories: cropland, forest land, and grassland, collectively called emissions/removals from the Forestry and Other Land Use (FOLU) sector.

FOLU emissions consist of CO2 (carbon dioxide), CH4 (methane) and N2O (nitrous oxide) associated with land management activities. CO2 emissions/removals are derived from estimated net carbon stock changes in above and below-ground biomass pools of forest land, including forest land converted to other land uses. CH4 and N2O, and additional CO2 emissions are estimated for fires and drainage of organic soils.

The FAOSTAT emissions database is computed following Tier 1 IPCC 2006 Guidelines for National GHG Inventories ( GHG emissions are provided as by country, regions and special groups, with global coverage, relative to the period 1990-present (with annual updates), expressed as Gg CO2eq from CH4 and N2O, net emissions/removals as GG CO2 and Gg CO2eq, by underlying land use emission sub-domain and by aggregate (land use total).