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Projects and activities | 29 January 2021

Strategic evaluation of the Bulgarian Centres of Competence and Centres of Excellence and recommendations for their further development

Technology Transfer

09/2019 - 10/2020

Key objective: To enhance the level and market orientation of research activities of the leading scientific organisations in Bulgaria, to improve the potential for applied research, experimental development and innovation.

Stakeholder groups: Universities, research centres, national and local administrations, industry and the private sector

Project summary: The JRC will provide a strategic evaluation of the plans, structure and activities of 13/14 Centres of Excellence and Centres of Competence launched by the Bulgarian government. The JRC will provide external support in the form of concrete recommendations and suggestions for the operation and effectiveness of the centres, in particular with a view to facilitate the deployment of the projects and help ensure their sustainability.

The strategic evaluation will focus on the following issues:

  • Legal and Organisational Framework
  • State Aid, Research infrastructures, Contract Research, Sustainability
  • Technology Transfer and Commercialisation, collaboration with industry and the private sector, synergies with complementary initiatives

Contact: Elena Andonova and Stoyan Kaymaktchiyski, Competence Centre for Technology Transfer, JRC