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Knowledge Service

Competence Centre on Foresight

We foster a strategic, future-oriented and anticipatory culture in the EU policymaking process.


Policy papers and projects relevant to diversifying inequalities


Fairness, JRC project 

Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography, Dynamic Data Hub [Poverty and Inequality]

Sustainable Development Goals, European Union portal

Towards a Sustainable Europe by 2030 -- Reflection paper -- assessment of the EU’s performance on the Sustainable Development Goals and 3 scenarios (2019)

White Paper on the Future of Europe -- 5 scenarios on the future of the European Union

What makes a fair society? Insights and evidence, DG JRC - Joint Research Centre, (2017)

Reflection Paper on the Deepening of the Economic and Monetary Union, European Commission, (31 May 2017)

Reflection paper on the Social Dimension of Europe, European Commission, (26 April 2017)

Report on the progress made in the fight against trafficking in human beings (2016)

Social Situation Monitor. Income inequality in EU countries. Research findings DG EMPL - Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion

Knowledge Centre for Territorial Policies  — assessment and scenarios for European cities and regions.

People at risk of poverty or social exclusion. EUROSTAT, (2016)

Education and training monitor 2015 - pdf, DG EAC - Education and Culture

Interactive map of nutrition: country fiches and child stunting trends, DG DEVCO - International Cooperation and Development