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Selected resources relevant to Increasing Significance of Migration

A study of immigration detention practices and the use of alternatives to immigration detention of children, Athanassia P. Sykiotou, Council of Europe, 2017

Does Development Reduce Migration?, Michael A. Clemens, Institute for the Study of Labor, 2014

Global Trends: Forced Displacement in 2019, UNHCR, 2019

Global Report on Internal Displacement 2020, Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, 2020

International Migrant Stock 2019, UN DESA, 2019

Migration Data Portal, UN DESA, 2019

More Development, Less Emigration to OECD Countries – Identifying Inconsistencies Between Cross-sectional and Time-series Estimates of the Migration Hump, David Benček, Claas Schneiderheinze, Kiel Institute for the World Economy, 2019

OECD Employment Outlook 2019: The Future of Work, OECD, 2019

OECD Employment Outlook 2020: Worker Security and the Covid-19 Crisis, OECD, 2020

Population Facts: International migrants numbered 272 million in 2019, continuing an upward trend in all major world regions, UN DESA, 2019

The fiscal impact of immigration: A review of the evidence, Gemma Hennessey and Jessica Hagen-Zanker, Overseas Development Institute, 2020

The United Nations Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty, Manfred Nowak, United Nations, 2020

Understanding and Addressing Public Anxiety About Immigration, Demetrios G. Papademetriou and Natalia Banulescu-Bogdan, Migration Policy Institute, 2016

World Population Prospects, UN DESA, 2019

COVID-19 Crisis Through a Migration Lens, World Bank / The Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development (KNOMAD), 2020

Selected recent forward-looking studies

How will Migration to Europe Look in the Future? Trends, Open Questions, and Four Plausible Scenarios, Rainer Münz, The Prague Process, 2020

Jobs in 2028: How Will Changing Labor Markets Affect Immigrant Integration in Europe?, Meghan Benton and Liam Patuzzi, Migration Policy Institute, 2018

The Future of Migration Policy in a Volatile Political Landscape, Demetrios G. Papademetriou, Natalia Banulescu-Bogdan, and Kate Hooper, Migration Policy Institute, 2018

The Future of Migration to Europe: A systematic review of the literature on migration scenarios and forecasts, International Organisation for Migration, 2020

Towards 2035 - Strategic Foresight: Making Migration and Integration Policies Future Ready, OECD, 2020