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The new EU recommendations on cancer screening are based on science advice to policy

On 20 September, the Commission presented a new approach to support Member States increasing the uptake of cancer screening. 

Focusing on detection of cancers at an early stage, the objective of the proposed recommendation is to increase the number of screenings, covering more target groups and to start implementing population screening for lung and prostate cancer.

That is where the Scientific Advice Mechanism fully played its role in giving valuable science advice for policy.  The consortium of European academies SAPEA made a synthesis of scientific knowledge on cancer screening in their evidence review report. To produce this report, leading cancer experts from across the world discussed the latest scientific progress and integrated extensive reviews of scientific literature and clinical trials in their conclusions.  

Then, informed by science, the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors published its recommendations for EU policy makers, responding to the question on how to improve cancer screening in Europe.

All the recommendations issued by the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors are reflected in the Proposal for a Council Recommendation.

The secretariat of the Science Advice Mechanism is part of the Commission’s Research and Innovation Unit competent for Science Policy, Advice and Ethics.


More information

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