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  • How a smaller labour force shall provide for a larger proportion of retired persons is increasingly a matter of concern in some regions of the world. Rising old-age dependency ratios will put unprecedented stress on the financing of public pensions, especially in a slow growth environment. | Related megatrends: Work
  • Ageing societies have implications for resource distribution, and there is a need to address the issue of the institutions having the capacity to adjust the systems for savings, investments in human capital, labour supply and public intergenerational transfers. 
  • The structure of the workforce may need to change: older workers will need to work longer and learn new skills, and the workforce may need to be supplemented by migrants and automation. | Related megatrends: WorkMigrationTechnology
  • The most effective way to tackle the negative consequences of an ageing population in the EU is to increase labour force participation. | Related megatrends: Work

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