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Regulatory system for new technologies

  • Treaties, conventions and defense policies should be adapted to take into account emerging technologies as future potential sources of threats.
  • New industry standards, more resilient networking and increased cyber-protection mechansms need to be defined and developed to protect critical infrastructure and increased defence against hybrid threats. 
  • AI, IoT, robotics and related systems and their future synergies for prevention should be re-thought, re-constructed so that they don’t become more of a threat to civilization than the conflict or violent actions they are designed to prevent.
  • Technological transfer to emerging geopolitical powers (e.g. China) should be conditioned by respect of peaceful-use requirements.
  • An international audit system should be established for each weapon type, the existing stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons destroyed, and a tracking systems created for potential bioweapons.
  • Networks of CDC-like centers should be created to counter impacts of bioterrorism, and agreement should be reached on enforcement mechanisms for the Biological Weapons Convention.
  • Lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS) should be included under the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW) to avoid their misuse and the third revolution in warfare
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