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Page | Last updated: 21 Feb 2024

EU Bioeconomy Monitoring System

The EU Bioeconomy Monitoring System offers a comprehensive overview of European trends in indicators related to the EU Bioeconomy.

  • Through its Bioeconomy Strategy, the EU is committed to ensuring that the bioeconomy’s economic and social benefits go hand in hand with environmental benefits.
  • To help achieve its objectives, the European Commission has launched a Bioeconomy Monitoring System.
  • This new system provides comprehensive, robust and reliable information to monitor all areas of the bioeconomy.
  • Its interactive dashboard allows to track the bioeconomy’s progress towards sustainability in the EU and its Member States.
  • Active engagement of experts from EU Member States, academia and international organisations will ensure that the Monitoring System remains a functional and up-to-date tool.
  • The monitoring system is in continuous improvement: new features and enhancements will be introduced regularly.


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