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Evidence-Informed Policy Making

Helping researchers and policymakers better connect scientific knowledge and policymaking in the EU and worldwide.

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Knowledge service Evidence-Informed Policy Making
VISUALISATION | 8 March 2023
In a fast-changing world and faced with global challenges of climate change, digital and green transitions, recovery from the pandemic and geopolitical tensions, the public sector more generally and policymaking institutions...
TOPIC / TOOL | 2 March 2023
We are pleased to announce that our Smart4Policy Self-reflection tool is now online. Its purpose is to help policymakers and researchers working in science-for-policy reflect on their level...
TOPIC / TOOL | 22 February 2023
Developing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of researchers and policymaker to better connect scientific knowledge and policymaking, worldwide
2-day professional training course material on assessing science, understanding policymaking processes, and gaining insight into the interaction between the different paradigms in which scientists, policymakers, and politicians...
Science for Policy Handbook provides advice on how to bring science to the attention of policymakers. The handbook is dedicated to researchers and research organisations aiming to achieve policy impact. Today...