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Evidence-Informed Policy Making

Helping researchers and policymakers better connect scientific knowledge and policymaking in the EU and worldwide.

Topic / Tool | Last updated: 08 Dec 2023

Building knowledge for policy

Help us build a better Knowledge4Policy platform.

Brief me

Knowledge4Policy (“K4P”) was launched in 2018 with six Knowledge Services. By 2021 it had 20, along with a “policylayer” to synthesis scientific knowledge for policymakers (see About Knowledge4Policy). In April 2022 we launched our first online knowledge community.

This Topic is where we:

  • share what we learn as we build K4P
  • learn from experts in evidence-based policymaking, and apply it to K4P
  • discuss with all K4P members about the direction of the platform

To contribute, join K4P.

Knowledge4Policy Structure (2p)
(564.78 KB - pdf)

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New user manual for Knowledge4Policy

Knowledge4Policy has a new user manual. While casual visitors won't see much change, Knowledge4Policy Members will benefit.

Latest knowledge

Join our knowledge service community to:

  • ask a question to our community manager, left
  • stay up to date
  • network with scientists and policymakers
  • share and discuss knowledge and policy with scientists and policymakers (under development)

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