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Evidence-Informed Policy Making

Helping researchers and policymakers better connect scientific knowledge and policymaking in the EU and worldwide.

Page | Last updated: 18 Jul 2024

About Evidence-Informed Policy Making

We aim to support researchers and policymakers who believe public policy is better when informed by scientific evidence and knowledge by sharing research on the challenges, tools and materials to train scientists and policymakers; and strategies to build robust science-for-policy eco-systems.

The Evidence-Informed Policy Making team is part of the Science for Democracy and Evidence-Informed Policymaking Unit at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC.S2). Our main aim is to support researchers and policymakers to build and establish better connections between scientific knowledge and policymaking. We strive to position the JRC as a global thought leader in the science for policy field. These are our priority lines and some of our actions to fulfill them:  

  • Creating new knowledge about concepts and methods at the science and policy interface, 
    • The Enlightenment 2.0 programme provides an evidence base to help maximize the policy impact of scientific knowledge, throughout the policy cycle. The multi-annual research programme seeks to understand the different drivers that influence political decision-making in the 21st century.
    • We develop professional development frameworks for both scientists and policymakers to use scientific evidence to underpin learning and development strategies. 
  • Building capacity in researchers and policymakers in knowledge management for policy, 
    • We organise an introductory course in evidence for policy for JRC scientists, summer schools using games and masterclasses for researchers and policymakers from the Member States, Neighbourhood and Africa  
    • We organise a training for policymakers in using evidence. 
    • We wrote a handbook on evidence for policy that marries the latest research to the JRC's best practice experience for a global audience. 
    • We run a Training of Trainers programme to foster a network of facilitators across the European Union to train scientists to operate in the science for policy interface.
  • Strengthening science for policy eco-systems across the European Union by providing advice on public administration reforms and co-creating new approaches, 
    • We organise the “Strengthening and connecting eco-systems of science for policy across Europe” workshop series to take stock, discuss and exchange experiences. This helps us cocreate ideas and projects for the design and implementation of new structures, mechanisms and instruments for strengthening evidence-informed policy-making across Europe. 
  • Nurturing a European and global community of those professionals committed to evidence-informed policy, 
    • We are fostering a European network of .active stakeholders in the science for policy ecosystems across Member States. 
    • We actively engage with other key actors at the European Union level such as the Science Advice Mechanism (SAM), Science Advice for Policy · by European Academies (SAPEA), European Science Advisors Forum (ESAF), but also at the global level through collaboration with the International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA) and other international organisations.  



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