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Competence Centre on Foresight

We foster a strategic, future-oriented and anticipatory culture in the EU policymaking process.

Page | Last updated: 05 Oct 2018

EC work relevant to Increasing significance of migration

European Commission work on increasing significance of migration.

Policy papers and projects

Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography - Independent scientific evidence for EU policymaking in migration and demography related fields

Annual Report on Migration and Asylum, European Migration Network, 2019

Asylum applicants considered to be unaccompanied minors, Eurostat, 2020

Asylum decisions in the EU, Eurostat, 2020

Data on Children in Migration, JRC, 2019

EASO Asylum Report 2020: Annual Report on the Situation of Asylum in the European Union, EASO, 2020

European migrations: dynamics, drivers, and the role of policies, JRC, 2018

Immigrant Key Workers: Their Contribution to Europe’s COVID-19 Response, JRC, 2020

Immigration and trust in the EU A territorial analysis of voting behaviour and attitudes, JRC, 2020

Long-term Social, Economic and Fiscal Effects of Immigration into the EU: The Role of the Integration Policy, JRC, 2017

Migrants and Welfare Dependency: Evidence from the EU, JRC, 2019

People on the Move: Statistics on Mobility in Europe, Eurostat, 2019

What are Europeans’ views on integration of immigrants?, JRC, 2020

Selected recent forward-looking studies

Demographic Scenarios for the EU: Migration, Population and Education, JRC, 2019

Global Trends to 2030: The Future of Migration and Integration, ESPAS: European Strategy and Policy Analysis System, 2018

International Migration Drivers, JRC, 2018

Many more to come? Migration from and within Africa, JRC, 2018

The Future of Migration in the European Union: Future scenarios and tools to stimulate forward-looking discussions, JRC, 2019


Applicable models

Europop, EUROSTAT, the Population Projections, likely future size and structure of the population, demography and migration.