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Competence Centre on Foresight

We foster a strategic, future-oriented and anticipatory culture in the EU policymaking process.

Page | Last updated: 25 Jun 2020

Lifelong learning

  • Future of Learning: Preparing for Change - The central learning paradigm is characterised by lifelong and life-wide learning, shaped by the ubiquity of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). To reach the goals of personalised, collaborative and informalised learning, holistic changes need to be made (curricula, pedagogies, assessment, leadership, teacher training, etc.) and mechanisms need to be put in place which make flexible and targeted lifelong learning a reality and support the recognition of informally acquired skills.
  • Competence-based education is critical for not only acquiring knowledge, but also to prepare for a career and work.
  • Stronger commitment to human capital support is needed, given the critical role of education to ensuring that EU-level human capital policy intervention is differentiated according to the varying development needs and challenges of different countries and regions.
  • Serious efforts will have to be made to prevent dangerous knowledge/intelligence gaps leading to unstable conditions.

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