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Page | Last updated: 01 Dec 2021

Megatrends Engagement Tools

Understand the interplay of the various megatrends and assess their implications for the domain or issue of your choice.

Understand the interplay of the various megatrends and assessing their implications to domains or issues of your choice.

Organise your own Megatrends session

Based on the EC Megatrends Hub, two Megatrends Engagement tools have been developed to help understand the potential implications of the megatrends to specific domains/issues.

Both are designed as attractive interactive workshops in which the 14 megatrends presented as ‘cards’ are used to offer a systemic overview of their implications and interplay, helping to identify and assess possible actions and actors of change, understand priorities and design long-term strategies.

The two versions are: 

Working with megatrends -- the short version-- an exploratory workshop of about 3 hours, helps understand the potential implications of the megatrends to specific issues in a systemic context.

The Megatrends Implications Assessment Tool -- a more extended version, of a half- to full-day workshop, is getting into more details of actions, policies, and actors that would help address specific issues.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or for giving feedback (highly appreciated):

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