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We foster a strategic, future-oriented and anticipatory culture in the EU policymaking process.

Page | Last updated: 03 Jun 2024

Megatrends Engagement Tools

Understand the interplay of the various megatrends and assess their implications for the domain or issue of your choice.

Megatrends are trends that have a large effect on every aspect of life globally. They are long-term driving forces of change that are observable in the present, and will continue to have a significant influence for a few decades into the future. 

The European Commission JRC’s Competence Centre on Foresight has developed this Megatrends Assessment Tool, which uses 14 megatrends on Megatrends Hub to examine how change could impact the future of a chosen topic, in a short accessible workshop. The overall aim of the workshop is to explore the future of your topic, whether it is a policy, research or societal problem. The topic will be explored in the context of systemic change and long-term driving forces, i.e. the megatrends. The 14 megatrends and the workshop provide a framework to look at change in a systemic and participative way, and to examine what implications trend developments could have.

Megatrends booklet

Design your workshop

The Megatrends Assessment tool provides a step-by-step guide to allow anyone to design and run a Megatrends Assessment Workshop by themselves, allowing to:

STEP 1: Map and prioritise trends
STEP 2: Anticipate and examine potential future consequences
Optional STEP: Identify blind spots, wild cards, dependencies and links among trends
STEP 3: Explore policy implications
STEP 4: Plan relevant actions

Download the materials for the workshop

A guide for facilitators: Megatrends Assessment Tool: an exploratory workshop

Megatrends preparatory template

Megatrend cards

Megatrends icons

Prioritisation poster

Consequence cards

Implication cards

Reporting template 

*Materials soon available in other EU languages

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