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TiiQu developed a set of interoperable technologies that enable certification and verification of claims on part of companies and institutions, and easy sharing of immutable tamper-proof credentials on part of individuals via their digital wallet. The TiiQu score, measures how much a set of credentials and claims collected in the wallet can be trusted as verified and valid, it is designed to enable instant trust online.

Main sectors: IT & Telecommunications

Main applications: Identity (credentials/licenses/attestations);
Self Sovereign - digital identity

Established in: 2017



Organisation: TiiQu Limited

Organisation type: Companies (non-profit) – Startup

Founders: Laura Degiovanni, Founder; Sam Hawksby-Robinson, Co-founder

Partners: N/A

Country: United Kingdom 

City: London

Stage of project: Demo

Geographical reach: International

DLT / Blockchain: Public – Ethereum

Other technologies: N/A






This project is part of the #DLT4Good Scanning. ‘#DLT4Good: Co-creating a European Ecosystem of Distributed Ledger Technologies for Social and Public Good’ is a forward-looking science for policy project supported by the European Parliament, and coordinated by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) in cooperation with the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content & Technology (DG CONNECT). Learn more about #DLT4Good.