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Invitation to contribute


How to contribute to the EC Megatrends Hub

The EC Megatrends Hub is a public dynamic collective intelligence system that is based on continuous contributions from experts of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre and from other institutions and collaborators.

The EC Megatrends Hub is counting on you.

You can join this group by sending your input. Please send us any relevant information that you have come across to continue keeping this tool alive. This can be done following the easy instructions below.

What type of information does the EC Megatrends use?

The EC Megatrends Hub relies on the provision of news, peer reviewed publications, analyses, official reports or other types of information relevant for the 14 Megatrends from any reputable source. Key references will be added as resources.

Guidelines for contributions

To facilitate the editorial process we kindly ask you to structure your contribution indicating:

  • The megatrend(s) for which the contribution is relevant;
  • For what section of the megatrend would the contribution be most relevant;
  • Developments and Forecasts, 50-word of text explanation on why the development and/or forecast is relevant;
  • Potential Implications: 50-word text explanation the implication(s);
  • Indicators to measure change: title description of up to 10 words, the graph, and the source of the indicator, including the copyright;
  • Other resources: title description of up to 10 word on the document;

All contributions should be accompanied by a full reference, web address (link) of the original source and any copyright limitations.

Please, send us your contribution by email:

How does the EC Megatrends Hub process contributions?

All submissions are processed by the editorial board of the EC Megatrends Hub at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre. The role of the editorial board is to check and validate all submissions, select those that are significant to be used in the published descriptions of the megatrends and edit them in full respect of their content to be added to the EC Megatrends Hub.

We are very much looking forward to your contributions.

Thank you in advance!