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We foster a strategic, future-oriented and anticipatory culture in the EU policymaking process.

Page | 15 Jun 2022

Bioeconomy SES edition

Scenario Exploration System that offers the possibility to explore possible future transitions of the bioeconomy towards sustainable development and a climate neutral economy.

The Scenario Exploration System (SES) is a serious game that uses engagement techniques from the entertainment world to engage participants in the full richness of the systemic collective reflection created when building scenarios.

The Bioeconomy edition is based on four scenarios for future transitions for the bioeconomy towards sustainable development and a climate neutral economy developed in a previous foresight study. Participants take up the roles of different stakeholders (primary producer, consumer, policy maker, businesses and public opinion) and navigate different scenarios.

The tool enables them to develop a long-term perspective and to experience the constraints and opportunities they might face in designing actions towards reaching long-term goals and objectives and when interacting with other stakeholders.

Get the materials and instructions for the Bioeconomy edition - what is it, how can I use it and how can I benefit form it.