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Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography

Deepening our understanding of opportunities and challenges related to demographic change and migration.

Topic / Tool | Last updated: 23 Jun 2023


Studying how issues of demography have an impact on EU societies, also at the global level.

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Demographic trends shape the foundation of our societies, influencing policy decisions across all sectors, from mobility and health to environment and regional policies. Understanding fertility, mortality, and migration patterns is crucial for designing effective public policies that respond to the evolving needs of a population.  

The Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography offers policymakers a set of comprehensive resources for informed decision-making:

  • policy briefs, reports and scientific papers
  • data and stories in the online platform 'Atlas of Demography'. This includes statistics and projections from Eurostat and new data produced by the Joint Research Centre

Our work includes:

  • Innovative population modelling and projections
  • Statistics and visualisations  
  • Analysis of present and future demographic changes, their determinants and their impacts at spatial level 

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